What are the Akashic Records/Field

The Akashic field is a spiritual Realm and is considered to be the fifth dimension. In this spirit realm, there are very subtle messages that we can receive if we are a clear channel and open to receive them. One can tune into the Akashic field and connect to the many angels and guides present, listening for any messages and insights. While connected to the subtle energies of the akashic field and its magical frequency, we can be certain that we are being held in love and light and supported by the purest of intentions. 

While in the frequency of the akashic field we can access the akashic records. These records are held behind big and magical golden doors.


The records are like a library of books and every book has the many lives a soul has lived throughout time. If there have been any life experiences that may cause blocks such as negative karmas, beliefs etc this is recorded in the records and can be accessed with the permission of the individual.


As we navigate this current lifetime, we may notice relentless patterns and blocks that come up. By accessing past lifetime blocks, extracting them and illuminating them we can begin to help the individual to understand how these blocks might be holding them back in this current lifetime.


By shedding light on these patterns and clearing them, we are energetically and spiritually cleansing at the level of the body, shedding the layers of trauma and guiding the client more closely and more intimately towards the self.  


Akashic Offerings

You are invited to join my 3 month program of 6 biweekly sessions: The Sacred Chrysalis, or schedule a single 60 minute Akashic session below.

The Sacred Chrysalis

an Akashic Journey to Anchor into your Higher Vision

A 3 month in-person program.


As through the journey of Akashic metamorphosis,

you will emerge an exquisite being with delicate awareness of your heart’s desire. Just like the butterfly, your Sacred Chrysalis is the container for rebirth and resurrection. This 3 month program is designed to hold space for the triumph of the soul over the past and present entanglements in our physical world. Akashic clearing at the level of the mind, body and soul, will activate empowerment of sovereign choices from your true original nature so you may discover your dharma.

What to expect:

We’ll meet biweekly for three months for a total of six 75 minute sessions.

Plus you’ll have 1:1 direct access with me via Voxer for continued, personalized support and inspiration.

Additional healing tools and recommendations are provided to further ground each session by means of Ayurvedic spiritual practices and rituals.

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60 min Akashic Clearing Session

In this 60 minute session the intention is to return to greater love, truth, wisdom, abundance and spiritual power as divine beings having a human experience.  

In the Akashic Field, we will access your records to clear blocks that are a result of past negative choices to free up space for new aligned choices that move us in the trajectory of our sacred path and desired reality.

This single session is for individuals who wish to uncover new and empowering ways of showing up that support the true divine nature of who they are at the level of the soul.

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