Ayurveda is an ancient healing system rooted in the oldest spiritual texts of India. It is absolutely the “knowledge of life”.

The teachings guide and inspire us in living our life in the most healthy, beautiful and aligned way possible.

It is a back-to-basics natural approach to living ~ a complex mix of oral and written instruction, philosophy, mythology, spirituality, and scientific knowledge.

It is quite literally everything!

We all have ways of going out of balance - known as your dosha and Ayurveda helps us to recognize how we go out of balance so we may utilize these ancient practices and teachings to bring us back home to our original nature.

There are three doshas in Ayurveda - vata, pitta, and kapha.

You have a unique combination of these three doshas that stays constant throughout your life and serves as a sort of blueprint for your health.

Learning your unique dosha combination and understanding your constitution can reveal your natural inherent strengths, and illuminate your greatest challenges.  

  • Vata is the force that moves things in you. It is kinetic energy, related to movement, breath and elimination. 

    Vata dosha is said to be made up of the air and ether elements.  Those with a vata nature tend to be talkative, enthusiastic, creative, flexible, and energetic.

  • Pitta is the force that digests things in you. It is metabolic energy related to assimilation and transformation.  

    The pitta dosha is said to be made up of the fire and water elements. Pitta people tend to be highly focused, competitive, capable, courageous, energetic and clear communicators who get right to the point.

  • Kapha is the force that holds things together in you. It is potential energy related to stability and lubrication.

    Within the kapha dosha there is a predominance of the water and earth elements. The heavy, stable nature of kapha reflects in a stable personality which is not prone to quick fluctuations. Those with a kapha nature handle stress very well, often not even noticing that it exists.


Life Force & Energy

Prana (PRAH-NA) ~ Our Guiding Inteligence.

It's the animating, activating force that gives life to all things. It's consciousness and it rides along the breath. Ayurveda classifies Prana as the healing and subtle energy of vata allowing us to grow and expand our awareness while shifting energy in our frame of existence.


radiance & courage

Tejas (TAY-JUS) ~ the power that brings out our light.

It's the illuminating light that comes from your inner radiance. It's the healing and subtle energy of pitta. It's the fuel of transformation, the fiery essence behind all of our thoughts & the force that brings out our light.


vigour & strength

Ojas (OH-JUS) ~ The power that sustains us.

It's the container that holds your abundant energy. It's the ultimate energy reserve of the body and mind. The purest essence of kahpha. Ojas is the body's natural honey - the delicate and refined essence we produce from food and experiences we take in. It's your psychophysical container or shield.

It's through my Ayurvedic Offerings, that we will begin to shed the light on the ways you may not be living in true alignment which keeps you from optimal health.

From this place of awareness, we'll gently introduce cleansing practices that will positively impact your subtle body such as intentional eating rituals, deep breathing, yoga, calming your senses, building powers of concentration and good old fashion LOVE.

When we balance our dosha, we can then create the energies of the subtle doshas in our bodies and experiences.

What's unique about my offerings here at Tillie Rose is the incorporation of my Akashic Guidance to dig into ancestral and past life blocks, and inner child turbulence to compiment my Ayurvedic teachings. It's true alchemy.

The subtle dosha interpretations provided by Katie Silcox and her book, "Healthy, Happy, Sexy"